Online Depression Counseling in Ann Arbor, MI

Online Depression Counseling in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Experiencing the symptoms of depression can leave you feeling ensnared in a hole of despair with no way out. If you are struggling to get through the day or feel hopeless about the future, Landmark Therapy is here to support you.

Our staff of knowledgeable and caring therapists offers online depression counseling in Ann Arbor, MI, as a convenient option for those in need of help.

Some individuals who are depressed may disregard or minimize their symptoms because of the stigma surrounding depression. If you are experiencing this, you may be hesitant to seek out therapy. But it is essential to understand that depression manifests in many ways and can develop from various factors, both biological and environmental, and is not a character flaw. No matter your particular experience with depression, it is not something you should ignore or try to get over on your own. Our therapists, who provide online counseling for depression in Ann Arbor, understand each case of depression is real and that its impact is unique for each person.

Our compassionate counselors understand what you are experiencing and how it can completely disrupt your life and throw you off course. Depression can be isolating as it causes you to disengage from others and the world around you and, ultimately, lose your ability to find enjoyment. This can lead you to feel that life is no longer worth living. Fortunately, depression is very treatable. Our online depression therapy in Ann Arbor uses the latest, evidence-based methods to provide the best treatment available for your unique situation.

Our goal at Landmark Therapy is to help you understand your depression – how to recognize the signs, where it comes from, and coping skills to manage your symptoms. It is never too late to get help. So contact our Ann Arbor online depression counseling center to gain control of your life today!

Depression can manifest in various ways. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, our online depression therapy in Ann Arbor can help.

  • Persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • Difficulty with decision-making
  • Decreased interest in hobbies and other activities
  • Feeling either more lethargic or restless than usual
  • Changes in typical eating habits
  • Become tearful more easily
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Increased irritability
  • Isolating yourself from loved ones

If you relate to any of the above symptoms, you may be experiencing depression. Regardless of the circumstances around your depression, our Ann Arbor virtual depression counseling services can guide you through this difficult time.

What you can expect from Landmark Therapy’s online depression counseling in Ann Arbor, MI Online Depression Counseling in Ann Arbor, MI

If you are seeking online counseling for depression in Ann Arbor, the process can feel overwhelming. So having an idea of what your therapy will entail should help. Our compassionate therapists understand what you are going through and want to provide you a safe, comforting environment.

Assessment and Evaluation. When you begin Ann Arbor virtual depression counseling, you will work with your therapist during the assessment and evaluation process. This helps your therapist get to know you and your particular circumstances to support you better. Once you and your therapist have explored the root causes of your depression and how it affects your life, you will collaborate on a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Counseling and Psychotherapy. Landmark Therapy’s trained therapists provide Ann Arbor online depression counseling and are experienced in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help clients manage and reduce depression symptoms. They will help you identify and recognize troubling thought patterns and beliefs that may be aggravating your depression. Other methods your therapist may incorporate are Solutions Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness.

At Landmark therapy, we will greet and treat you with warmth, understanding, and a wealth of knowledge and experience to support your journey to manage and overcome your depression. So change your life for the better. Call us to schedule your first session of online depression counseling in Ann Arbor, MI today!

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