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Landmark Therapy is a fully licensed provider of psychotherapy and online counseling through evidence-based practice and interventions. Our office is conveniently located in Troy, MI. We specialize in online counseling for anxiety, depression, and addictions.  

When confronted with a personal or emotional problem, talking with someone trained to understand our emotional and psychological needs can be beneficial. We are dedicated to providing the best treatment available to adults of all ages. Landmark Therapy meets the highly rigorous requirements for quality set by the state of Michigan.

The vision of Landmark Therapy, LLC is to guide and inspire people to overcome the obstacles they face and strive towards their goals. Our therapists will help you discover happiness, peace of mind, and building positive connections with others. We strive to provide therapy that will empower people throughout their lives by providing clients with the support, knowledge, and tools to make positive changes for a more fulfilling life.

Change is the only constant in life. Many times in life we face challenges, disappointments, and losses that can be difficult to navigate such as depression or anxiety.  At Landmark Therapy we can help you identify the steps needed to navigate the challenges holding you back from reaching your goals and/or living a healthy lifestyle. We offer convenient counseling services that fit into any lifestyle including in-office, or online counseling in Michigan. Change is possible for everyone!



Online counseling is a convenient alternative to face-to-face therapy.


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Landmark Therapy accepts many insurance plans and offers flexible payment options.


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