Online Depression Counseling in MichiganEveryone experiences sadness from time to time. But if your sadness doesn’t go away or normal functioning is diminished, you may be depressed. Depression affects 6.7% of American adults each year and has the potential to contribute to mild to severe life difficulties. This mood disorder can drain the joy from your life and become debilitating. Landmark Therapy offers convenient and affordable online depression counseling in Michigan. We also offer in-office sessions if you would prefer to visit our office in Troy, MI.

Features often associated with depression include an overwhelming feeling of isolation, despair, and sadness. When depression is left untreated, it can become a chronic condition. So if you’re experiencing depression, you may need depression therapy to get it under control. Online depression counseling in Michigan can help you establish healthy lifestyle changes, positive thought patterns, and constructive behaviors that promote feelings of hope and confidence.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression can cause significant distress and/or impairment in many areas of life, including family, social, academic, and occupational. It can feel like an inescapable dark cloud of gloom. But not everyone experiences all of the symptoms of depression. So if you’re experiencing a couple or more of the following symptoms, you may be depressed:

  • Sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness
  • Diminished pleasure or interest in activities you once enjoyed
  • Fatigue or loss of energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
  • Difficulties concentrating
  • Eating or sleeping more or less than usual
  • Irritability
  • Unexplained aches, pains, or digestive problems
  • Suicidal ideation or attempts

If you think you may be depressed, even the most severe cases typically respond well to depression therapy. If your symptoms have become unmanageable, Landmark Therapy is here to help you overcome or manage your symptoms with online depression counseling in Michigan. Depression therapy can help you conquer this condition and reclaim your life!

Types of Depression

Depression comes in multiple forms. Although the symptoms of various types of depression are similar, there are distinctions based on the cause, severity, frequency, and longevity of the depression. If you have a diagnosis of one form of depression, you may be at increased risk for other types as well. The most common types of depression include:

  • Dysthymia
  • Major depressive disorder (MDD)
  • Persistent depressive disorder
  • Postpartum depression
  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)
  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
  • Atypical depression

Causes of Depression

Depression has numerous causes. If you have a family history of depression, you may be at increased risk. Regardless of genetic predisposition, many factors can contribute to depression. If you’re experiencing or have experienced any of the following, you may be at increased risk:

  • victim of verbal, emotional, or physical abuse
  • conflict with family, friends, or coworkers
  • the loss or death of a loved one
  • a serious illness
  • caring for someone with a serious illness
  • social isolation
  • a major life event such as job change, divorce, relocation, or retirement
  • substance abuse

Online Depression Counseling in MichiganOnline Depression Treatment in Michigan

Depression treatment depends on the type and severity of your problem. There are many options for depression therapy. Medication is one, which is best discussed with your primary care physician.

For many people, weekly (sometimes monthly) sessions with an experienced depression therapist is a highly effective form of depression treatment. Online depression counseling can help you uncover the root causes of your depression. Understanding and addressing those causes through therapy may be a crucial step toward recovery.

At Landmark Therapy, one of the many options we offer our clients is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is an evidence-based treatment that can help you turn negative thought patterns into positive ones. Your depression therapist will also help you identify lifestyle changes to help relieve your symptoms. We’ll encourage you to develop a social support network and identify ways to reduce your stress, as well, which can help improve your mood.

Landmark Therapy’s teletherapy for depression in Michigan can move you along the path toward recovery and bring the joy back into your life.

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