Substance Use Disorders


Online Substance Abuse Counseling in MichiganAddiction is a chronic condition and is defined by a physical and psychological dependence on alcohol or drugs. It oftentimes involves a pattern of relapse. Substance abuse and dependency affects a persons thinking patterns, emotions, and behaviors. It is common for people with addictions to be aware of the problem, but struggle with stopping the behavior on their own. At Landmark Therapy we offer complete in-office and online substance abuse counseling in Michigan. We offer treatment for many addictions.

Symptoms of Substance Abuse

Below are some of the criteria or symptoms that might indicate a possible issue with substances:

  • Using more or longer than intended
  • Failed attempts to cut down or stop using
  • Continued use despite problems at home, work, or school
  • Using in hazardous situations such as driving or using machinery
  • Spending a lot of time using, obtaining, or recovering from the use of the drug
  • Increased tolerance
  • Withdrawal symptoms such as trouble sleeping or shakiness

Online Substance Abuse Counseling in Michigan

Treatment for alcohol and substance abuse will be determined based on your individual needs. Services that we provide may include counseling, teaching coping skills to manage cravings, assisting clients in the development of healthy habits, treatment for mental health problems such as depression, and formulating a relapse prevention plan.

What you can expect from our online substance abuse counseling in MichiganAddiction Counseling in Michigan

Detoxification Support: The detoxification stage of substance abuse treatment is a critical period. But there is no one-size-fits-all process. If our therapists believe detox treatment may be necessary to your health or that you would benefit from detox treatment, we will be happy to make a referral. We provide the support you need during this vital process to help ensure your success.

Mental Health Evaluation: We provide our substance abuse clients a mental health evaluation to identify any underlying factors that may be contributing to your addiction. The results of your evaluation will allow you and your counselor to create an individualized treatment plan for your recovery and to prevent future relapse.

Counseling and Psychotherapy: Our online substance abuse counselors are specially trained in multidisciplinary interventions for both addiction counseling and mental health treatment. Interventions we use include but are not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Solutions Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness.

A supportive substance abuse counselor is an essential part of recovery. While family and friends can provide valuable support, it may not always be easy or feel safe safe for you to open up to them, particularly in the event of a relapse.

If it is decided that a higher level of care is necessary to address symptoms such as withdrawal, we can assist you in finding the proper care such a suitable residential treatment center. During the initial assessment phase of your treatment, we will determine the extent of your problem with substances to determine your needs and the appropriate level of care.

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