People decide to attend counseling sessions with a therapist for a variety of reasons. Some need to process changes in their lives such as transitioning to adulthood or retirement. Adolescents who might be struggling with peer relationships or self-image issues might benefit from counseling services for teens. Others might be seeking personal growth or seeking help with an addiction. We offer many services such as anxiety therapy and depression therapy for clients living throughout Michigan. Those that benefits the most from therapy are the ones that are open-minded and willing to work towards change. Some of the many benefits of therapy include decreased anxiety, stress relief, and improved communication skills.

Landmark Therapy does not have physicians or psychiatrists on staff, therefore, medications are not prescribed by the staff. I utilize therapeutic treatment methods that do not rely on the use of medications.  If the use of medication is an option you would like to explore, I will coordinate care with your primary care physician or assist you with a referral to a psychiatrist.

Our office is conveniently located at 2605 Crooks Road, Suite B in Troy, M. The frequency of your counseling sessions will be decided between you and your therapist. It is determined by your treatment goals and the issues for which you are seeking help. Consistency with attendance of your therapy sessions will help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, Landmark Therapy requests at least 24 hour advanced notice of cancellation.

Yes! Landmark Therapy offers both face-to-face and telehealth services. Online therapy can be a convenient alternative to traditional therapy for clients with busy lifestyles and/or who do not live near our office. Online therapy is the provision of professional counseling services through the Internet. In many cases, Teletherapy sessions can be conducted from the privacy of your own home anywhere in the state of Michigan.

Online therapy is a convenient alternative to meeting with your therapist in an office setting.  The appropriateness of teletherapy for your situation is discussed as a part of the scheduling process and during your initial consultation with your provider.

Landmark Therapy uses a HIPAA compliant video platform specifically designed for telehealth. The platform allows you to securely meet with your counselor online through video conferencing. 

Yes, Landmark Therapy accepts Medicare and provides counseling services to seniors in Michigan. Growing older can present some individuals with challenges. Seniors can be confronted with issues specific to their age. Memory issues and mood disorders disrupt the quality of life for older adults. Counseling for seniors can help individuals recapture the joy and pleasure of their “Golden Years”.

Of course! Landmark Therapy appreciates referrals from our clients! We love receiving positive and constructive feedback that you feel satisfied with your work with us to the extent that you want to refer us! Please feel free to share our website, email or phone number with anyone who you think would be a good fit or benefit from working with us.

Landmark Therapy offers services for opioid abuse, cocaine abuse, alcohol abuse, and many other addictions. We will help you identify the reasons for your use of substances and assist you in developing a comprehensive relapse prevention plan. Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, we will work together to identify the unhealthy thoughts that have contributed to your drug dependency and change them into positive thought patterns. If you are looking for alcohol abuse treatment in Michigan Landmark Therapy is ready and able to help!

If the services Landmark Therapy provides interests you, feel free to fill out the contact form to arrange a free phone consultation. We care conveniently located in the city of Troy at 2605 Crooks Road, Suite B.  We can also be reached at info@landmarktherapymi.com or 248-931-0016.

Insurance coverage varies from client to client. As a courtesy to all our clients I will verify your benefits before the initial session. You will know before beginning therapy what your insurance will cover and what you might owe such as a copay or coinsurance. 

Yes! Landmark Therapy accepts both Medicaid and Medicare.