Depression Counseling: The Best In Clarkston & Waterford

Depression Counseling: The Best In Clarkston & Waterford

Depression is a health condition that has become prevalent in today’s world. Generally characterized by persistently low mood, the condition affects people of all ages, right from children as young as 6 years through to people in their 50’s, 60’s and even more.

What is even more surprising is that up to 60 percent of people living with depression don’t have access to or have never considered mental health counseling services.

The truth of the matter is, consulting a licensed professional counselor when depressed can help you walk through the process of healing from depression, perhaps faster and more effectively than you thought.

Before delving into how counseling can help mental health patients, let’s first look at a few aspects about depression. Continue reading “Depression Counseling: The Best In Clarkston & Waterford”


Coping with Depression

Do feel down from time to time? Are feelings of hopelessness and guilt interfering with your daily functioning? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing depression. Feeling down every now and then is a common experience for most people. However, when negative emotions such as irritability and despair take hold, it can become debilitating. Continue reading “COPING WITH DEPRESSION”