Challenges Of Young Adults

Challenges of Young Adults in Michigan

If you are a young adult between the age of 18 and 30, you are experiencing a period of life that is both exciting and tumultuous. Some young adults are starting jobs in the workforce, going off to college, starting relationships, or beginning to live on one’s own. During this stage of life, they may be moving into new and unfamiliar adult roles and responsibilities. Young adults can be suddenly expected to accept legal responsibility, make important decisions, and begin supporting themselves financially. Continue reading “Challenges Of Young Adults”

Coping With Depression in Michigan

Coping with Depression in Michigan

Do feel down from time to time? Are feelings of hopelessness and guilt interfering with your daily functioning? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing depression. Feeling down every now and then is a common experience for most people. However, when negative emotions such as irritability and despair take hold, it can become debilitating. Continue reading “Coping With Depression in Michigan”

The benefits of Teletherapy

Why Choose Teletherapy

For those who have considered seeking counseling in Michigan, but struggle to find the time to fit it in to already full schedules, there is a possible solution that might work for you. There is a growing demand for telehealth services. First and foremost, what is telehealth? In terms of therapy, telehealth means using electronic information and telecommunication technologies to facilitate long-distance counseling sessions. In other words, it would be like seeing your therapist on a video conferencing platform similar to Skype or Zoom but with added digital protections to keep you and your information absolutely safe, private, and HIPPA compliant. Continue reading “The benefits of Teletherapy”

A Goal Achieved Is Something To Celebrate!

A Goal Achieved Is Something To Celebrate!

Setting goals can be a very empowering endeavor! They give you the control to guide your life in whatever direction desired. It is a great feeling to know that your success does not have to depend on anyone else. You can take command of your life by following a plan and taking action one step at a time. Continue reading “A Goal Achieved Is Something To Celebrate!”