Online Counseling in West Bloomfield, MI

Online Counseling in West Bloomfield, Michigan

On your unique path through life, you will encounter periods of transition and occasional obstacles that can keep you from thriving. When these challenges become too overwhelming to manage alone, Landmark Therapy is here to support you in-person or through online counseling in West Bloomfield!

Benefits of virtual counseling in West Bloomfield

There are many advantages to online counseling. Here are a few ways teletherapy can benefit you.

Getting out is a challenge. Perhaps it is difficult to leave home because of a physical disability, young children to care for, or you are at high risk for health complications. Online counseling can simplify your life. 

No commuting. Travel time and dealing with traffic can be a hassle. If you don’t have transportation, going to therapy can be an even more significant challenge. Telehealth counseling does away with these problems.

Save money. With online counseling, you can save on transportation costs.

Privacy. Suppose you have been avoiding therapy because you fear running into someone you know. In that case, online counseling can provide you peace of mind.  

How to choose an online counseling provider

Choosing a telehealth counselor is very similar to selecting a therapist for in-person counseling with a couple of additional considerations. When selecting an online counselor, following these guidelines will help ensure a safe, positive experience.

  1. Whether you meet in-person or virtually, your therapist should be licensed, which state law requires of therapists.
  2. Also, your therapist must be licensed in the same state in which you reside. Every state has specific licensing criteria for mental healthcare professionals. Whether practitioners offer virtual or in-person sessions, they may only practice within the state(s) in which they are licensed.
  3. Make sure the app or website for your counseling sessions is secure and HIPAA compliant. Ask your therapist or do some research online to determine if the app or website has the necessary measures to protect your privacy and identity.
  4. Does the online counselor you are considering accept your preferred payment method? If your insurance provides behavioral health coverage, talk to your therapist and insurance company to determine if virtual therapy sessions are covered. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many insurance companies now cover virtual therapy.

Landmark Therapy’s telehealth counseling can helpOnline Counseling In West Bloomfield, MI

For your convenience, our counselors offer telehealth counseling in West Bloomfield to support you virtually in:  

  • Understanding the cause and resolving relationship conflict
  • Recognizing an addiction or substance abuse problem and working toward recovery
  • Gaining control over the symptoms of mood or behavioral disorders
  • Preparing for or dealing with significant changes in your life
  • Working through other issues that are disrupting your ability to maintain your emotional well-being

West Bloomfield Counseling Services

Our virtual counseling in West Bloomfield offers services for:

  • Individual therapy: This type of online counseling provides you with an opportunity to build a relationship of trust and confidence in a counselor who can support you through many issues. Through West Bloomfield teletherapy, you can work on mental health concerns, domestic abuse or relationship conflict, traumatic experiences, decreased self-confidence, and other problems.
  • Senior therapy: Online counseling in West Bloomfield is available for seniors struggling to adjust to new challenges and transitions that come with the aging process. Teletherapy is a more flexible and convenient option for those who find it difficult to leave the house or travel to an office.
  • Teen therapy: Teens also struggle with significant life transitions and difficulties that result from raging hormones, pressure about their education and future, peer relationships, family dynamics, and much more. The stigma surrounding therapy combined with teenage rebellion can make it difficult for adolescents to accept treatment. So virtual counseling in West Bloomfield may be a more appealing option for teens who are hesitant to engage.

Change is Possible

It may not always seem like it when you are experiencing distress. Still, there is hope when you need assistance to get your mental and emotional well-being in a better place. Landmark Therapy’s virtual counseling in West Bloomfield is staffed with caring therapists. We can help you better understand the challenges you face and develop the skills to overcome them. 

Our Counseling Center in West Bloomfield Accepts Most Insurance and Self-Pay

When it comes to paying for West Bloomfield teletherapy, we accept most insurance plans and self-pay clients. See a list of insurance companies we work with.

Convenient Counseling in West Bloomfield

Whether you find it difficult to leave home, need more flexibility, or prefer your home’s comfort and safety, online counseling in West Bloomfield is just a call away. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start working to create the best version of your life.

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