Online Counseling in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Online Counseling in Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you are looking for online counseling in Ann Arbor, you have come to the right place! Our therapists at Landmark Therapy provide compassionate, evidence-based therapy in a flexible and secure virtual format to guide you through transitions or challenges.

Benefits of Online Counseling in Ann Arbor

Many people prefer virtual counseling over in-person therapy because of the many advantages it offers. Teletherapy may be a good option for you if:

Getting out is a challenge. Online counseling benefits individuals with health conditions, a physical disability, or parents with young children at home who don’t want to leave them with a babysitter.

Commuting is a problem. Is transportation, traffic, or time an issue? With virtual counseling, that is no longer a problem.

You want to save money. Telehealth counseling in Ann Arbor eliminates the costs of transportation and fuel.

Privacy is a concern. Perhaps you are worried that someone you know will see you or your car when you go for in-person therapy. Online counseling eliminates that possibility.

How to Choose an Online Counseling Provider

In many respects, choosing a  telehealth counselor is similar to the process for in-person therapy. Consider the following when selecting an online counselor.

  1. Look for a licensed therapist to ensure you receive safe, evidence-based treatment.
  2. Make sure the psychotherapist is licensed in your state. Licensing criteria for mental health care professionals vary from state-to-state. Therefore, practitioners are licensed to practice only within the state(s) for which they have applied and are approved. Virtual therapy must also adhere to these licensing requirements, meaning online therapists can only treat clients within the states in which they are licensed. 
  3. The website or app used by your therapist for counseling sessions should be secure and HIPAA compliant. For your protection and privacy, it should also have the capability to verify both yours and your therapist’s identity.
  4. If you have health insurance, check with your insurance provider and therapist to determine your virtual therapy sessions’ costs and coverage. Insurance plans have not always covered online counseling. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many insurance companies have started covering virtual therapy, but not all do.

Landmark Therapy’s Telehealth Counseling Can HelpOnline Counseling in Ann Arbor, MI

Our counselors are not only experienced and knowledgeable but compassionate as well. During your virtual counseling in Ann Arbor, we can support you through many situations, including:  

  • Resolving relationship issues and learning to communicate with your partner
  • Overcoming and healing from addiction
  • Managing mental or emotional disorders
  • Moving positively through significant life changes
  • Processing and understanding what is keeping you from achieving your full potential and guiding you to make positive changes

Ann Arbor Counseling Services

Landmark Therapy offers many types of online counseling in Ann Arbor:

  • Individual therapy: If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, trauma, domestic abuse, or any other issues that are disrupting your life, individual therapy can help. You will work closely with a therapist you can trust to help you work through your struggles and improve your life.
  • Senior therapy: The changes that come with aging can be stressful and isolating. They can be especially problematic if you have lost your mobility and struggle to leave the house as you once did. Virtual counseling in Ann Arbor can support you from your home’s comfort with mental health issues or difficulty adjusting to your new routine.
  • Teen therapy: The teenage years can be challenging as adolescent hormones rage; relationships with families, friends, and partners shift; and decisions are made that can affect future opportunities. Teens experience a great deal of stress. So behavioral, mood, or substance abuse disorders can cause young people to derail completely. Teletherapy is an excellent way for reluctant teens to engage in a technology-based environment in which they feel comfortable.

Change is Possible

Regardless of what life throws your way, Ann Arbor Teletherapy is available to guide you through life transitions, mood disorders, or any disruption affecting your ability to thrive. Our counseling staff is well versed in the most effective therapies to help you change and manage your life.

Landmark Therapy’s Counseling Center in Ann Arbor Accepts Most Insurance and Self-Pay

If you have private insurance, check our list of accepted insurances. Our Ann Arbor teletherapy practice accepts most insurance plans as well as self-pay clients without insurance.

Convenient Counseling in Ann Arbor

Landmark Therapy offers convenient online counseling in Ann Arbor to meet your needs, wherever you may be. Don’t hesitate to get the help and support you need from our caring and skilled therapists. Contact us today!

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