Counseling For Teenagers


Online Counseling for Teens in MichiganAdolescence can be a difficult period for both parent and teenager. For parents, it can be challenging to read the moods and behaviors of your young adult. As a result, parents can worry about whether their teen is struggling with mental illness or even drug addiction. The teenage years are times of change, fluctuation of emotions, and the process of developing autonomy and self-image. Landmark Therapy offers convenient and affordable online counseling for teens in Michigan. We also offer in-office therapy sessions if you would prefer to come into our office located in Troy, MI.

Parenting a teen can be both demanding and gratifying at the same time. As teenagers begin the process of individuating from their parents, relationships can be strained and communication can break down. This is where counseling might be an option for your teen. Sometimes teenagers are more willing to speak about their issues with an adult that is separate from the core family dynamic.

Online Counseling for Teens in Michigan

Teletherapy for Teens in MichiganBy speaking to a counselor, your teen might be more willing to talk about problems and sensitive issues without feeling the pressure of expectations or consequences. Therapy can give your teenager the opportunity to freely express him/herself, discuss concerns, and receive guidance.

Some of the reasons teenagers might seek therapy are the following:

Landmark Therapy helps parents and teens build healthy family dynamics. We are dedicated to helping your teenager build self-confidence, improve decision making, and develop healthy coping skills. Through the use of evidence-based practices, we facilitate the elimination of roadblocks that are preventing your teenager from reaching his or her full potential.

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