Landmark Therapy is a fully licensed provider of psychotherapy and telehealth services through evidence-based practice and interventions.  When confronted with a personal or emotional problem, talking with someone trained to understand our emotional and psychological needs can be beneficial.  I am dedicated to providing the best treatment available to adults of all ages.  Landmark Therapy meets the highly rigorous requirements of quality set by the state of Michigan.

The vision of Landmark Therapy, LLC is to guide and inspire people to overcome the obstacles they face and strive towards their goals.  My goal is to assist client in discovering happiness, peace of mind, and build positive connections with others.  It is Landmark Therapy’s mission to provide therapy that will empower people throughout their lives by providing clients with the support, knowledge and tools to make positive changes for a more fulfilling life.

Change is the only constant in life.  Many times we face challenges, disappointments and losses that can be difficult to navigate.  Landmark Therapy can help you identify the steps needed to navigate the challenges holding you back.  Change is possible for everyone!


At Landmark Therapy we provide psychotherapy and telehealth services.

About Me



I am a Licensed Master’s Social Worker, graduating from Wayne State University.  In addition, I hold advanced certification as an alcohol and drug counselor.  As a licensed practitioner in the state of Michigan I offer counseling services to adults of all ages.  My specialties include working with individuals and groups affected by anxiety, depression and substance abuse disorders.

My experience includes working in outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment settings as well as mental health clinics.  Previous to my career as a counselor, I taught at the elementary level four fifteen years in the field of education which afforded me the opportunity to work with children, young adults and their parents.

My job as a therapist is to listen, understand and foster positive change.  It’s my objective to assist and guide those that I counsel in meeting their goals and overcoming the challenges they face.  I provide a supportive and relaxed environment where you will feel comfortable being yourself.  I also have experience addressing such issues as self-esteem, communication issues, behavior problems, and life transitions.  My therapy style is collaborative, empathetic, and genuine.

I encourage you to explore my website to determine if the services I offer meet your individual needs.  When you are comfortable and ready to reach out, I invite you to connect with me.


A Convenient Alternative to Face-to-Face Counseling

Telehealth is emerging as a critical component of the healthcare crisis solution. Telehealth holds the promise to significantly impact some of the most challenging problems of our current healthcare system: access to care, cost effective delivery, and distribution of limited providers. Telehealth can change the current paradigm of care and allow for improved access and improved health outcomes in cost effective ways. Here’s what the Industry is saying:

Global Med

Telemedicine has been cited as being particularly helpful in rural areas, where the shortage of healthcare providers had led to a lack of accessibility to both basic healthcare and specialty care. Through telemedicine, patients can to get access to healthcare faster, which is a leading factor in improved patient engagement and better outcomes.

Mayo Clinic

Technology has the potential to improve the quality of health care and to make it accessible to more people. Telehealth may provide opportunities to make health care more efficient, better coordinated and closer to home.


Telehealth is more efficient health care. One potential benefit of telehealth care is having primary doctors and specialists participating together in a virtual visit, reducing the number of appointments you need and, in many cases, the costs you pay.


Landmark Therapy is located in Milford, serving the Southeast Michigan area.


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