Online Counseling in South Lyon, MI

Online Counseling in South Lyon, Michigan

When you need support and guidance from a professional yet more flexibility than traditional therapy offers, Landmark Therapy is the place for you! Our experienced, caring staff provides online counseling in South Lyon for those seeking an alternative.

Benefits of  South Lyon Online Therapy

We offer another option to those seeking a therapist’s support. You may benefit from telehealth if:

You have difficulty getting out. Individuals with physical disabilities or dealing with illness or injury and those who care for others or have other barriers to leaving home can get the help they need through virtual therapy.

Getting to a physical office is a challenge. Virtual therapy is a time and energy saver for those who may otherwise have to travel a distance for counseling services, lack transportation, or don’t have time for traveling to sessions.

You’d like to reduce your travel costs. Even if transportation isn’t an issue, the related costs to travel may be more than you want to spend on treatment.

You want to keep your attendance private. Perhaps you have concerns about privacy with your appointment. If so, you can experience South Lyon online therapy sessions from the privacy and safety of your own home.

How to Choose an Online Counseling Provider

When searching for a South Lyon online counseling provider that’s right for you, keep the following in mind.

  • All professional therapists should be licensed. This is proof they have the appropriate education and training to work with clients therapeutically.
  • If you choose virtual counseling in South Lyon, MI, any therapist you work with should be licensed for the state you reside in. Each state has its own licensing based on the state’s specific criteria.
  • The app or website your counselor chooses for virtual therapy should have security protocols and be HIPAA compliant. This ensures your sessions are secure, and information is kept private. It would be best to verify your therapist’s identity through the app before you begin each session.
  • Before choosing a practice for online counseling in South Lyon, confirm your insurance plan’s coverage and costs for telehealth with your insurance provider.

Online Counseling in South Lyon, MI

Landmark Therapy’s Telehealth Counseling Can Help

No matter what challenges you are facing, our compassionate therapists are trained in evidence-based methods to best support your journey. During your sessions of online counseling in South Lyon, we can guide you through:

  • Relationship struggles and miscommunication problems
  • Recognizing and managing addiction
  • Learning to live with mental or emotional disorders
  • Significant life changes and transitions
  • Understanding the barriers keeping you from living the best possible version of your life and how to make healthy changes

South Lyon Counseling Services

At Landmark Therapy, we offer a variety of types of virtual counseling in South Lyon, MI, including:

  • Individual Therapy: When you feel overwhelmed by life or your mental health, a trusted therapist can help you move forward. Anxiety, depression, domestic abuse, and trauma are only some of the issues for which we provide support.
  • Senior Therapy: The elderly population faces many challenges that can negatively affect mental and emotional health. Physical barriers such as mobility issues, illness, or inability to easily travel no longer have to impact your ability to get therapy. Now treatment can come to you in the comfort of your own home.
  • Teen Therapy: Teens have to contend with a multitude of complex issues. These include changing hormones, relationship challenges, discovering their identity, making decisions about their future, and many other pressures. Young people may be hesitant to talk to a professional or embarrassed to be seen by others at a counseling office. This makes online counseling in South Lyon a more appealing and lower pressure option.

Change is possible

When things seem hopeless, Landmark Therapy is here to support you. Our counselors are compassionate, experienced, and have the tools to teach you how to manage any crisis.

Landmark Therapy’s Counseling Center in South Lyon Accepts Most Insurance and Self-Pay

We work with several private insurance companies as well as self-pay clients to provide online counseling in South Lyon, Michigan.

Convenient Counseling in South Lyon

Whenever and wherever you need help, you will receive top-quality care with Landmark Therapy’s South Lyon online counseling. Call us today to learn how to start your journey toward emotional healing.

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