Online Counseling in Bay City, MI

Online Counseling in Bay City, Michigan

When your worries and fears become overwhelming, the compassionate therapists at Landmark Therapy are here to support you through our online counseling in Bay City.

Benefits of Virtual Counseling

Some clients find online counseling a better option than in-person therapy for several reasons.

Difficulty Leaving the House. Online counseling is convenient if you struggle to leave home because of caregiving responsibilities, a physical disability, health conditions, and more.

Commuting Issues. With telehealthcare, if you lack transportation or have difficulty finding local counseling that suits your needs, therapy is no longer a barrier to getting help.

Lower Costs. Online counseling in Bay City reduces costs related to travel and travel time.

Privacy Concerns. When counseling comes to you virtually, you do not have to worry about who may see you visiting your therapist.

How to Choose an Online Counseling Provider

Choosing a Bay City virtual counseling professional who is right for you is essential in getting the best help. So consider the following factors when doing your search.

  • Therapists must be licensed, according to state law, and should use current, evidence-based practices for treatment. Even if you are looking for counseling virtually, your therapist must still be licensed in your state. Mental health professionals’ requirements vary state-to-state, so therapists can only work with patients in states where they are licensed, even with virtual counseling.
  • Ensuring your security is critical during telehealth sessions. Look for a provider who uses a website or app that is safe, HIPAA compliant, and verifies the identities of each individual involved in the session.
  • Not all insurance providers cover online therapy. Be sure to check with your insurance and your therapist to determine your coverage and potential costs.

Landmark Therapy’s Online Counseling in Bay City Can Help Online Counseling in Bay City, MI

Our therapists are experienced, caring, and supportive when providing online counseling in Bay City. We can help you with many challenges related to your anxiety, including:

  • Communication and problem-solving in relationships
  • Addiction and related complications
  • How to manage mental and emotional disorders
  • Processing and engaging with major life changes
  • Understanding the root causes of your struggles and making positive changes in your life

Bay City Virtual Counseling Services

Online counseling is available with Landmark Therapy to help you meet a variety of needs. Some of our offerings include:

Individual Therapy: If daily struggles with interrupt your life and ability to function, we can help you learn more about your triggers and manage them.

Senior Therapy: The aging process can be full of changes that lead to increased worries and fear. Speaking with a telehealth counselor is a convenient way to process these concerns and address questions about the future.

Teen Therapy: Teens deal with much stress and about both their current lives and their futures. Yet your adolescent may be embarrassed or hesitant to acknowledge the need for help and someone with whom they can speak. Virtual counseling in Bay City is a low-pressure way for teens to receive support for their struggles.

Change is Possible

When you are struggling with anxiety, it can cause you to feel paralyzed and unable to move forward with your life. Online therapy offers a simple and convenient way to begin understanding and managing the fears holding you back through a compassionate professional’s support.

Landmark Therapy’s Counseling Center Accepts Most Insurance and Self-Pay

Our Bay City online counseling center works with many accepted insurance companies. We also work with self-pay clients.

ConvenientĀ  Bay City Online Counseling

Don’t let keep you from experiencing the life you want. Our virtual therapy is available to guide you towards understanding and helping you to manage your worries. So contact Landmark Therapy to begin your journey toward improving your mental health today!

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